“Bennett & Black has it all: vocals, rhythm, virtuoso solos, jazz, blues, R&B, funk and the soulful voice of the chromatic harmonica…
They’re smokin’ hot – don’t miss them!”


— Maggie Pappas
Founding Chair, Kay Meek Arts Centre


Bennett & Black celebrate the soulful pairing of chromatic harmonica and piano
in a full spectrum repertoire of jazz bebop, R&B, soul, pop, funk, rock, reggae and Calypso




In 2018, Bennett & Black released their first album, Convergence, featuring their own arrangements of some of their favourite jazz, blues, R&B and pop music.
Heavy on Stevie Wonder with some jazz standards, Sting, Doobie Brothers and Bonnie Raitt. Chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, vocals, piano/synth,
with acoustic and electric bass, and drums.


Featured Song:


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